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ACE Trailers

Sand ACE

Sand ACE

Model: TR32


22 Cubic Yards
Shipping Weight 8,600 Pounds
Axles 3 Ampro Axles
Suspension Katai 4 Springs 3 Leaf, or Air Ride Suspension
Tarp Shur-Co Cable Lock System, and/or Shur-Co 4500 Tarp System, and/or Hard Top
Wheels 11R 22.5, 11R 24.5, or 315/80 Singles
Paint Steel Blasted & Powder Coated
Sidewalls 14ga. Sheet Metal
Rooftop 14ga. Sheet Metal
Hopper 12ga. Sheet Metal, 11ga. 3x4 Square Tube, Truss (upper brace) 9ga. 4x6 Square Tube, Side Rails. 9ga. 4x6 Square Tube, Side Rails. 9ga. 4x6 Square Tube Chassis Side to Side Frame. 3/16" 4x8 Square Tube, Chassis from Back to Front Underneath the 4x6 Side to Side Frame
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Serving Industries That Move America.


ACE Oil field trailers are built with heavy-duty materials to withstand rough and demanding terrain, ensuring long-lasting performance.


With features such as reinforced frames, secure tie-down points, and stability-enhancing technology, ACE oil field trailers provide a safe and secure mode of transportation for workers and equipment in the field.


ACE oil field trailers help the oil field run more smoothly by allowing for efficient transport of materials, equipment, supplies to and from job sites, reducing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Reviews from happy customers

  • Carl D.

    "Best frac trailer i've used in all my time on the oil field"

  • Matthew P.

    "Couldn't be happier with the equipment from ACE"

  • Jacob L.

    "They're top of the line in anything oil field. Highly reccomend"

  • Ben R.

    "Just got my first ACE trailer and already so impressed. 10/10"

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