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ACE Trailers

500 BBL Frac Tank Trailer

500 BBL Frac Tank Trailer

Custom Order Your Frac Trailer!

Basic Specs Include:

500 BBL in either
- Round Bottom
- V Bottom

Manifold with hammer unions
- 6" manifold
- 8" manifold
- single or double
- 4" butterfly valve drains front and back
- (2) 20" man ways
- (1) 20" hatch on top
- 6" roll line in side with down spouts
- candy cane fill tube at rear
- sunken sump to drain tank

- side support frame
- 25,000 lbs rear axle
- ladder up front in center to guard railed platform
- man way with cross over lid to the next

- epoxy coated inside

Estimated Weight: Base Models and standard specs - 9,000 LBS.

Overall Length: 45 Feet

Overall Width: 102 Inches

Suspension Type: Wide Spread Air

Frame Length: 10 Feet Front

Frame Rating: GAWR and tire ratings determine payload

Frame Height at Rear: 40 inches loaded

Main Beams: 130K Flanges

Kingpin: Set at 18 inches with 82" swing clearance

Loaded Fifth Wheel Height: 49 Inches

Landing Gear: AMPRO Type FW2817C00

Bolsters: Heavy duty fabricated type mounted on top of lower deck main beam

Number of Axels: 2

Axel Spindle: Tapered Standard

Brakes: Spring brakes, Auto slacks; Dust Shields

Air Line Filters: Optional

ABS: Meritor/Wabco RSS 4S/2M

Axel Spread: 122 Inches set to rear

Hub & Drums: 10 Hole Hub

Wheel Ends: Grease in hubs

Wheels: 22.5 x 8.25 Steel disc pre-painted white

Tires: 255/70R 22.5 16PR OEM Standard

Suspension Detail: AANL23K Intraax air ride

Auto Glad Hand Dump: Installed

Electric Dump Valve: Optional

Air Lift: Optional

Front Corners: Standard

Electrical System: LED Sealed System 3 light per side 2 Lights per side
on rear

Paint: Green with envy

Conspicuity Tape: Per HHTSA specs - 3M Brand

Bumper: Weld on type - Meets under-ride requirements

Mudflaps: One set OEM at rear

Container Locks: Installed on lower deck to accept: 2-8' sand containers or 1 10' container

Registration Holder: Plastic

VIN Plate: Bilingual US/MEX VIN

Weighing: Scale weight installed on
each trailer


ACE Trailers USA - - 817-601-1628

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    advanced cargo equipment

    Serving Industries That Move America.


    ACE Oil field trailers are built with heavy-duty materials to withstand rough and demanding terrain, ensuring long-lasting performance.


    With features such as reinforced frames, secure tie-down points, and stability-enhancing technology, ACE oil field trailers provide a safe and secure mode of transportation for workers and equipment in the field.


    ACE oil field trailers help the oil field run more smoothly by allowing for efficient transport of materials, equipment, supplies to and from job sites, reducing downtime and maximizing productivity.

    Reviews from happy customers

    • Carl D.

      "Best frac trailer i've used in all my time on the oil field"

    • Matthew P.

      "Couldn't be happier with the equipment from ACE"

    • Jacob L.

      "They're top of the line in anything oil field. Highly reccomend"

    • Ben R.

      "Just got my first ACE trailer and already so impressed. 10/10"

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